Rental villas from private individuals

High-grade and highly equipped and furnished luxury villa in the popular HimosYkkönen region. Ideally located, for example HimosAreena and festivals only 300m away. Western slopes 900m by foot and 1.4 km by car, as well as the ski slopes and the golf course nearby. Size of villa is ​​158m2 and it can comfortably accommodate 12 + 2 persons.

Amiraali is a 2019 built luxorious villa in the area of HimosYkkönen. It is highly equipped and furnished with style. The villa is ideally located close to all the events and the Western Slopes. Amiraali has bedspace for a total of 16 people.

Majakka is luxirious single villa (size 108 m² + loft 36 m² ) in the area of HimosYkkönen. Near the services of Himos (eg. Himos Areena is 300 meters in distance). Majakka accomodates up to 15 persons.